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  Being here There is no ‘there’ ~ Weekly Photo Challenge Dreamy


  Ice Creating The illusion The river Has stopped Its flow ~

Frozen Still

  Even through dark clouds and frozen still Life holds a mystical glow Pointing us in a direction We might sense but rarely know ~


  Note the Vibration Of Hope. Does it set you Free To Embrace the Now? ~

A River Always Finds a Way

  A river always finds a way Under starry nights, through the light of day It will bend and redirect its course Running free and untamed like a wild horse Turning into a quiet mountain stream Only to disappear underground, a distant dream Resurfacing as a thundery waterfall Persistently following

Silhouette (I)

  A solitary silhouette Completing a moments composition Evening sky and quiet land A golden intermission The rush to get to nowhere Quelled for a timeless while Nothing to withstand At least for a sunset mile Embracing the mystery And simply Be Letting go To truly see ~ Weekly Photo

A Saga Untold

  A saga untold About to unfold Freedoms roar Dragons soar A völva’s gaze Cutting through the haze Golden snake uncurls Protecting the Earth Silent creation No separation The language of the elements Spoken with eloquence Mankind forgets We are no-one, and yet… A mystery; never born Does the rose

The Path

  There are times, we know the path Yet dare not walk it. Other times we don’t know the path But walk it anyway. At times there is no path So, we create it, as we walk. And then there are moments beyond time Where the path dissolves And in

In the Space Between Diversity

  On a bronze mountains dry shelves A little part of Earths story dwells A wonder for our feet to walk upon A sound of silence, a resonant song Don’t we also to this belong; In the space between diversity Aren’t we all one? ~


  Many-layered stories Many-layered perspectives Many-layered personalities Many-layered realities One truth… Is there such a thing? ~

Friendships in the Desert

  Desert rescue A tough cowboy came to my aid The way of cowboys Very few words are said A true horse whisperer With a quiet language of the few A tender heart That of morning dew (don’t tell him I said that) He brought me to a good hospital

Soft Waves of Sand

  Soft waves of sand On the Horizon Mountains stand ~

Through the Wadi

Mountain Blue

  Dedicated to this blue marble we call Earth. Not just today. Every day. ~

Life is a Poem

  Life is a poem Between the lines Behind the words In the space Between spaces Mystery roams Forever… ~

Threshold II

  Rainbow touching Sunlit trees Dark clouds lingering Holding rusty keys Rainbow reaching Beyond the eye Down to our world Beneath an infinite sky Rainbow weaving A new fabric of life Golden branches illuminating The mystery by my side Rainbow calling Showing a different way Over the threshold The unknown

Threshold I

  Snow-capped mountains Walking on the edge On both sides the abyss Watching my steaming breath Touching the snow With bare sensitive hands Listening to my heart And it’s fiery demands Cool mountain breeze Caressing my naked soul Soaring towards limitless skies On a threshold; dreams exposed ~ WPC –

Conmhaícne Mara

  Mountain strength Ancient tongue People of the sea To this county belong Tranquil Fjord Yet shadows dwell Descendants of the hound son Lived through famine from hell Weaving through the cycle of life Clear streams forever flow Gentle and prudent hands Planting new seeds to grow ~

A Kiss

                        A kiss is flying on Northern winds Circling the earth quietly watching the timeless birth of faraway planets and stars among them the proud warrior Mars tirelessly standing guard over the silent dance of Alcor and Mizar You

Blue Hour (II)

  Mullagmore, The Burren.  

Photo Journal of a Day (V)


Infinite (I)

  Weekly Photo Challenge: “Infinite”

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