Note the Vibration
Of Hope. Does it set you Free
To Embrace the Now?


9 Replies to “Hope”

  1. F.G.M. says:

    Yes it does! Amazing picture, HOPE and SPACE as far as the eye can see… I love the expression “vibration of Hope”. It is very fair. Hope is vibration – all spiritual “truths” are vibrations, since we are in world of waves (see the String Theory!). Hanne, each of your new post is a big event for me 🙂 thank you & have a nice week-end!


  2. What a gorgeous post….filled with the space of hope 🙂


    • Thank you much Seonaid! I was/am exploring hope, how it can light a candle in the darkness and in contrast to that, how it, or perhaps more correctly said, how the attachment to a hope can hold us as a prisoner of the future missing the present moment, letting go of what might or might not be and find beauty in what simply is… hence the question. And to notice what vibration hope has for us. Hope in its purest form though is filled with space and I felt it in the photo too…


  3. kiwiskan says:

    just blowing in the wind… ♥


  4. paranoiasnfm says:


    I loved that photo!!! 😀


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