“Fertile Rock” 2018
Photography of the Burren and the Danish Choir Østerbro Pigekor for a video with their acapella version of ‘Fertile Rock’ by Luka Bloom. Arrangement by musical director Marlene Lollike. Video by Oxana Solé. 2018.


Doolin Writers’ Weekend 2017
Photographer for Hotel Doolin, Co. Clare, Ireland at their annual Doolin Writers Weekend.




Photographer for Eamon Ryan and the Green Party’s Environmental Vision November 2015 at Cliffs of Moher, Co. Clare, Ireland.


Keep it in the ground banner at Cliffs of Moher, Co. Clare, Ireland. 2015



“The Wood At The Worlds’ End”
A hiking, writing and photography project with writer and anthropologist William A. Young. Article in Gods & Radicals – A Site of Beautiful Resistance. September 2016.



“En Vandrer”

My own stories, poems and photographs from a time of wandering – “En Vandrer” (A Wanderer) – published in Lise Lotte Frederiksens book “At blive Grebet”; a collection of people from all walks in life with a drive for something unique to them and their lives. Graphic Designer Berit Stubkjær Andersen. Published 2013



Album Cover for Lismorahaun Singers'”SEADA” 2013


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