I’m delighted to announce my work has been selected for the exhibition programme for 2017/2018 together with Isabelle Gaborit and Kathryn Kelly in the main gallery at The Courthouse Gallery, Ennistymon, Co. Clare, Ireland. It’s while away, more info will follow.


“Storm & Still” is on a little tour de Ireland. A new exhibition is on the horizon from 13th of May – 12th of June 2015 at the wonderful Gallery Cafe, Gort in Co. Galway.

I will have a reception Wednesday the 13th of May from 8pm – 10pm-ish and will love to see you there, please do call in.

Through my spirit blows a peculiar wandering breeze and a strong urge to feel the winds of freedom under my imaginary wings. Apparently my soul is made of a similar fabric and agrees by pulling me to various places around the world. Luckily my feet doesn’t object either and patiently they carry me mile after mile through forests and deserts, limestone rocks and barren cliffs, golden or black sandy beaches, rough mountains, craters, tranquil lakes and flowing rivers. Solitude is always the chosen way to wonder and wander. To face and embody the storm and the still and everything in between within as well as the raw wild and gentle force of the elements outside this human shape. Sometimes I can’t tell the difference. Is there really any separation between inside and outside. I think in reality there isn’t. This is me being realistic! And this is what I aspire to capture through my lens and thereby attempt to let it transpire…

This exhibition will have a few new photographs never shown before.

Each photograph holds a story, a sensation, a feeling, a way of being…. I will be happy to share some of these stories with you Wednesday the 13th of May 2015.

P.S.There’ll be a glass of wine or non-alcoholic fluid for you. Furthermore, should you arrive hungry the kitchen is open until 9pm.

If not ‘live’ maybe I’ll see you here?
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During Doolin Writers Weekend the 27th – 29th of March 2015 and the following week until Friday the 3rd of April 2015 I will have my first ever photography exhibition at Hotel Doolin with special selected photos from my many wanderings around the world. Only a few of the photos at the exhibition is up on my blog, a blog which is not solely for show-casing my work, but more a creative play-ground for me to freely explore and play with different expressions. Therefore most of the pictures for the photography exhibition will see the day of light for the first time at the exhibition. Furthermore, it will be photos in B&W only, some of them will be straight forward, some quite abstract. All photos will be presented in white locally handmade frames by Vincent Wall Framing Studio, Ennistymon.

Photography is to me a strange sense of an invitation from the landscape slowly revealing more and more of itself for each footstep I take. I’m aspiring to let the purity of the moment transpire into every photo; revealing the visible and the invisible in the space between spaces through a raw simplicity and an untamed wildness in an almost physical felt stillness. Sometimes a photo calls out words and a poem lands gently at its feet.

All photographs are for sale at the Exhibition.
If you’ve been to the exhibition and you wish to place an order of a different size please send me an email with your request. All photographs are limited edition.


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