'Letting Go'

Eco Friendly Cards/Small Images to frame

The utmost care and attention to detail is put into all printing, to be as environmentally friendly as possible. With these eco friendly cards and small images to frame, you are buying a product created from a deep love for this blue marble we call Earth and all the life it inhabits. Furthermore, you’re supporting an Animal Rescue. The animals, as well as the planet, need us to care more. We are no good without either.

“Pity there’s no way to convey on screen how stunning
these cards are in reality, from the textures of the card
to the subtlety of the hues. Truly art and craftsmanship.”
Archie Simpson

New Winter Cards/Small Images To Frame size A5
Printed with plant based ink! Paper made from 40% post consumer waste. FSC certified. GMO free. ECF and acid free. Biodegradable and recyclable. 350gsm. All printing and materials are produced supporting Irish businesses with an eco conscience and are gentle with nature. They are carefully hand packed by Hanne in her *hyggelige cottage in Co. Clare, Ireland. 

 *a calm and protective realm


It is worth noting that these cards/small images to frame may differ slightly from the original files you see here; in colour, contrast and depth due the printing and printing process plus the paper is of an entirely different style and quality to fine art limited edition prints. Some have a small white border.

Both the new and the older cards/small images to frame are uncoated and matt which gives them a slight textured natural and raw feel and appearance. They come with 100% recycled kraft envelopes.

When you hold these cards in your hands, it will give you a feeling of something real, simple and deeply cared for.


1 x A5 card (14.8 x 21 cm) price: €8
5 x A5 cards price: €35
10 x A5 cards, get 2 FREE and then some. Price: €60

*Cards are printed without watermark.

For the months of October and November 2021 for every new edition cards/small images to frame sold directly from this site €1 will go to Burren Animal Rescue; an animal welfare organisation offering animals a place of solace to aid recovery, space to aid mental rehabilitation, friendship to aid trust and patience to aid learning.  

NEW CARD’s/SMALL IMAGES TO FRAME (click on image to enlarge)

The older edition cards are printed on 100% recycled paper. FSC certified. Uncoated. Matt. Chlorine free. Sold for a reduced price, see further below.

Any of the older edition of cards/small images to frame are sold at a discounted price:

1 x A5 (14.8 x 21cm) price: €5 
5 x A5, get 1 free. Price: €20
10 x A5, get 2 free. Price: €30

The Burren, Co. Clare
, Ireland

Trees, Leaves, Flowers & Burren Rock

Cliffs and Sea, Co. Clare.


Raindrops and Abstractions

Square – please note it’s a single page card.

SALE: €5 pr card
1 x price €3
5 x price €10
10 x  half price €15

How to order: Please send an email to mail@htfisker.com with the title of the card, which edition and how many you wish to purchase of each.

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