#0121 #041 #0437 "Luka Bloom 2021" 'Winter Storm' 'Ah, sure' 'Open Spaces' 'Eihwaz' 'Letting Go' 'Obscure Reality' #1 'King Of The Burren Goats' 'Still Here' 'The Need To Explore' (II) 'The Need To Explore' (I) 'Ocean's Wing' 'Winter Web' 'Winter Still' 'Underworld Currents' #1 'Before It Started And Ended' 'Smoking'

A photograph is a song.
The photographers voice is in her eye.
Sometimes Hanne’s eye cast a soft light in darker places, and other times the light is blinding.
Hanne’s photographs remind me, how great it is to be alive.
They are pure poetry with no need for words.
And like a great song, they awaken the longing in us all.
Luka Bloom

All images and writing are Copyright © 2023
Hanne T. Fisker Photography. All rights reserved.

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