Through my spirit blows a solitary wandering breeze. Mile upon mile I have wandered; through forests and deserts, on limestone rocks and along cliff edges, climbing rough and steep mountains and watching with awe roaring seas and calm shores, tranquil lakes and flowing rivers, mists and moons, raindrops and cloud formations, birds in flight and looked into the depth of a horse’s eyes. Somewhere along the way I picked up a camera and much further down this way I found I was ready to share the worlds I see and sense through my lens.

Photography to me is like the whisper of a poem unwritten. It is a strange sense of an invitation from the landscape slowly revealing more and more of itself for each footstep I take, transporting me to a timeless place where nature is honoured and respected for its elemental forces, spontaneous order and harmonious unity. Sometimes we forget, we are nature too. I seek to capture the soul of a landscape, an animal and perhaps a glimpse of the eternal mystery it is to be alive through abstractions in nature. To express through photography the purity of a moment untouched, the strength of vulnerability, raw simplicity and untamed wildness which paradoxically appears to hold an alchemical stillness at its core.

Through my images I aim to stir a sense of recognition within. To awaken the paradoxes of an inherent simplicity in a complex world, stillness within the eye of a storm, belonging to that towards which we long and awaken the remembrance of connection. My photography aspires to see deeper than the eye and it is an ancient call to align ourselves with this beautiful blue marble we call Earth in honour and respect for something bigger than ourselves which paradoxically is us too….

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