A River Always Finds a Way


A river always finds a way
Under starry nights, through the light of day
It will bend and redirect its course
Running free and untamed like a wild horse

Turning into a quiet mountain stream
Only to disappear underground, a distant dream
Resurfacing as a thundery waterfall
Persistently following natures call

Constantly in change
Yet, its flow will remain
Time carved in the scenery along its side
In the river, the song of eternity resides
It narrows
It widens
It unfolds
It explodes
It swirls and curls
Stunning worlds along its side unfurls
Try and make it straight
Life within it stagnates

Does love run like a river too?


Both photos from the same spot somewhere along Eyjafjörður, Iceland. Had I not stopped the car, where there in fact was no place to stop, to take in the breathtaking scenery of the mist hanging low over the sea partly hiding the mountains, I wouldn’t have seen the curved stream. Or the waterfall. Sometimes it’s good to just stop and be still to get a broader view…

8 Replies to “A River Always Finds a Way”

  1. Chris Lavaud / Photographer says:

    I love the picture on the left the path of water that is lost in the clouds. I love your images of wilderness.

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  2. paranoiasnfm says:

    Love it, Hanne! 😀


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  3. Ok I found you again. You need to put your main blog link to gravatar so we can link over to you and your beautiful work!
    I am in support of you going to the next level with your photography and poetr. Your work is are whimsical filled with a rare treasures. Hanne whatever I can do to help I will do – promo ( I work with a publisher who publishes poetry) just ask
    Much love!


    • Leslie, you just send shivers up my spine!!
      Not in my wildest imagination, and it can run pretty wild, holds dragons too as you know :), had I imagined to open my wordpress and find such a comment.
      Your support, from the very start and now your words here makes me want to dance and give you a BIG hug!
      Really really?! I’m, besides dancing, slightly in shock (one of the good ones) and deeply moved by your trust in my work and offer.
      Ok. Deep breath. I’m ready to focus on it. Winter has arrived and it’s time. What will you suggest should be the very first little step I take now?
      If you feel like writing a mail instead, I’m on mail@hannetfisker.com (there’s a t in the middle, sometimes people miss it)
      I also want to ensure you, my excitement is real and sincere. The potential feels real but most importantly, know that anytime you feel you want to drop it or withdraw the offer, I will still only be in gratitude that you even had the thought. Always!
      p.s. I’ll correct the gravatar instantly, thanks for letting me know.
      Much love!


  4. Elsker den….! Sjovt jeg så den först nu,,,, god “timing” i forhold til vores sidste snak 🙂


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