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I Remember

  I remember This road I remember Climbing the tree Sitting exhilarated In its canopy Looking down At the mystic rivers steady flow Warm scents rising up From the lush undergrowth I remember This road I remember Quiet whispers from elven tongues The breeze of fresh air Filling my lungs

Who Am I Then?

  When I stand On the edge Of the barren cliffs When my eyes Reflects the wild Of the roaring sea When I touch The quiet grace Of a mystical rainbow When I listen To the harmonies Of the howling wind When I disappear Into the spiralling Mist of sea-spray

A Moment

  There are times Of no time Life opens wide And all there is Is what there is Reflected In a moment Only This Exists No arrow of mind Flying between Past and future It has stopped in midair Above the ground Beneath our bare feet Where it dissolves And

A River Always Finds a Way

  A river always finds a way Under starry nights, through the light of day It will bend and redirect its course Running free and untamed like a wild horse Turning into a quiet mountain stream Only to disappear underground, a distant dream Resurfacing as a thundery waterfall Persistently following

Love is Love

  Love is love It remains the same Only the human experience of it Is in constant change Our hearts are created to love Love itself doesn’t bring pain Only when we shut it down For one Reason or the other, we are slain It’s beyond the story Allowing love

Momentary Fantasy?

  Words spoken Hearts blown open Razing minds Keeping us blind To the magic of life We cut it out with a knife “Back to reality” some people say Going back to their daily lives in dismay Who decided that was ‘reality’ And freedom, innocence and love just a momentary

Life is a Painting

  Life is a painting Each brushstroke a story lived by Like clouds passing On an infinite blue sky Sometimes a story cracks open Letting the light shine through Touching a deeper sense Of what we know to be true Without the changing clouds The painting would be less The

A Paradox

  When the lines get blurred We end up getting hurt Mountains fade Walking in an old shade Growing toxicity Loosing touch with simplicity Small things Become big things Slow to understand Allowing an old seed to be in command Not hearing the whisper of the inner voice The one

Reflections on Perspective

Looking deep Into a boundless lake Of existence Of being Of life’s ache What do you see? Perspectives spinning What stories within Are winning? Is the sky blue Behind and underneath the clouds? Is the world turned upside down? Does it make you believe You are about to drown? Or

A Kiss

                        A kiss is flying on Northern winds Circling the earth quietly watching the timeless birth of faraway planets and stars among them the proud warrior Mars tirelessly standing guard over the silent dance of Alcor and Mizar You


  Love is art A masterpiece of truth Art is Love Carrying eternal youth A bringer of inspiration To our world of worlds Listening deep To all the spoken And unspoken words Sensing What lies behind And in between Reaching ever further Into the infinite unseen Aliveness All around Every



Inside (II)

Deep inside mysteries abide Love and colorful worlds left forever untold Three Norns weaving the tread of Life Perhaps he was right; the cards are dealt setting sail crossing the eternal belt A sacred tear a many-layered shade honoring a life cut short by fate   To H.    

Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

I found this rock on one of my many walkabouts in a special place I absolutely love; The Burren in County Clare, Ireland. This ancient mystical place leaves no one unaffected! This particular photo has now turned into the symbol for a new project I am a part of; A

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