Momentary Fantasy?

Blown open


Words spoken
Hearts blown open
Razing minds
Keeping us blind
To the magic of life
We cut it out with a knife
“Back to reality” some people say
Going back to their daily lives in dismay
Who decided that was ‘reality’
And freedom, innocence and love just a momentary fantasy?
Isn’t that to turn things upside down,
When in fact it can be the other way around?
It’s a choice
How we listen to one or the other voice
The voice of our deep eternal inner
Or that of the mind; still just a beginner
We walk into our hearts
Becoming one with the stars
We walk out of our hearts
Covering a distance further than to Mars
One got to be impressed
By how easy it is to be enmeshed
And how hard it is to know
Life is still and yet it flows

Where the ever after story goes
A mystery, remaining forever in the unknown…


4 Replies to “Momentary Fantasy?”

  1. F.G.M. says:

    Hanne, it looks like a painting! It’s georgeous! I am so happy to hear of you gain, and to read you poem & admire your pictures.
    Wonderful poem…
    “We walk into our hearts
    Becoming one with the stars…”
    That’s a stunning metaphor, because I think it’s more than a metaphor, that’s simply true!
    The first lines are stunning too:
    “Words spoken
    Hearts blown open
    Razing minds
    Keeping us blind
    To the magic of life”
    It’s also true, because words may prevent us from awakening… besides spirituality, in every religion, needs silence…
    Hanne is back! I rejoice 🙂 🙂
    Avec toute mon amitié, xo


    • Frédéric, thank you! It’s good to be back, if only for a moment, the words simply wrote themselves when I looked at the photograph I did turn into more the feel of a painting.
      Yes, we are made of stardust, aren’t we?!! 🙂
      Sorry it could be misunderstood, but the first two lines are meant as words can be spoken that opens our hearts, blows them open, before the mind kicks in and makes it’s own impressive mess about it. lol! However I also agree, silence and solitude is a door to the unknown of the mystery that life is 🙂
      Hope you are well.


  2. Great post, Hanne!


    • Thank you much, Harrie! It’s a great feeling the inspiration to take photos is back after a wee while of ebb in creativity, significant ebb, for me at least. And even more so that the words all of a sudden decided to pour through too 🙂


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