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Obscure (III)

Obscure (II)

Obscure (I)

Summer flew by…

… and I was making more coffee’s in my friends artisan bakery and cafe in Liscannor than taking photographs, however even so this was brewing in the background and has now arrived at my doorstep. Delighted! In 2015 and 2016 I journeyed to Edinburgh in Scotland to meet up with

The Path (a remake of an old-ish photograph)

There are times, we know the path Yet dare not walk it. Other times we don’t know the path But walk it anyway. At times there is no path So, we create it, as we walk. And then there are moments beyond time Where the path dissolves And in humble



And the Gods Painted the Sky (IV)

  Follow me, she said And the Gods painted the sky I leaped into dreams ~

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