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Silver Shadow

  On the edge of crashing waves and solid rock of sanity or perhaps yet a paradox? Subtle whispers from the primordial sea briefly lifts the veil to life’s mystery silver shadows in a playful dance whisking me away to a magical realm a world of dreams an honest home


  Listen deep below a river flows invisible, quiet and strong following the rhythm of a soundless song Listen to the flow it will show a life No-one seems to know Listen…   View: Drawings  

Midnight Swan

  Glowing midnight swan awake long before dawn embraced by the storm and depths of night the open door to a magical sight its silent eye reflecting the wind and the wild revealing the mystery of a moon-dragon child ~      

Infinite (I)

  Weekly Photo Challenge: “Infinite”

It’s Time to Go…

  It’s time to go once again into a world I do not know…      

Inside (II)

Deep inside mysteries abide Love and colorful worlds left forever untold Three Norns weaving the tread of Life Perhaps he was right; the cards are dealt setting sail crossing the eternal belt A sacred tear a many-layered shade honoring a life cut short by fate   To H.    

Masterpiece (II)

Mullaghmore a masterpiece of subtle mysteries Calling gently from its ancient core Listen your spirit’s asking permission to soar In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

Companionable (III)

I have come to get quite familiar with this peculiar indefatigable companion and the mystery of her wandering and dreaming nature…   In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

The World Through Your Eyes (III)

  Dreaming the desert wandering into the mystery of life through the magic of existence following an unknown winding path today less traveled   In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge

The World Through Your Eyes (II)

  Light and water know there is a way through the many-colored layers of day we can follow suit or make a choice to simply stay…   In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge

The World Through Your Eyes (I)

What new stories are waiting in the mist? What unknown land to walk upon under the rising sun? What dreams untold are about to unfold? How deep does your stillness reach before it breaches the waters of soul?   In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge

Trilogy III: Running Free on Whirling Winds

  He raised his head it was time to let go looking at me knowingly fading into the light returning to the eternal fields of green his spirit running free on whirling winds leaving behind a healing heart echoing the soundless beat of galloping hooves   Epilogue: I have passed

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above (III)

Even in the darkest of night there is a light shining through from above touching the soul A quiet new reflection on thoughts of old it’s time again to look up and be bold Partner up with life head held high gazing through the Mystery of life she’s here to

Burren Mountain

Walking along This stonewalls quiet song Echoing the mystery Of life’s simplicity

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