Trilogy III: Running Free on Whirling Winds

returning home

spirit horse


He raised his head
it was time
to let go

looking at me
into the light
to the eternal
fields of green
his spirit
running free
on whirling winds
leaving behind
a healing heart
the soundless beat
of galloping hooves


Epilogue: I have passed the Cave of Wild Horses many a time since I took the photos in the trilogy, without ever again meeting the beautiful Burren Horse; a stranger sharing a magical timeless moment with this solitary wanderer as the sun was covering a fair distance above our heads. The Trilogy is a tribute to this memorable moment and to the many I had with an old friend (shockingly similar) that kept the worlds of dreams and ways of wonder open. It’s a tribute to love, freedom within and the magical wonders life has in store for us, if we care (and dare) to stop and listen…

Photo credit to my right arm

Trilogy I: Cave of Wild Horses
Trilogy II: There Must be More to This World


10 Replies to “Trilogy III: Running Free on Whirling Winds”

  1. Harrie says:

    Very sensitive and meaningful trilogy. It’s because your poems and photos are on the ‘same level of content’. And they are because what you want to share comes straight from your hart. (and that’s beyond camera qualities! 🙂


  2. Dina says:

    Beautiful and very touching combination of words and images!


  3. These are so beautiful! That top image is incredibly striking and fits perfectly with the words. Your photo credit made me smile too! 🙂


    • Hannah, thank you so much. It was quite special and as going on little journey to write the Trilogy and working with the photos and somehow capture the special moment with the Burren Horse and the time long gone with another horse… I think, to myself at least, it’s transferred particularly through the Trilogy II: ‘There must be more to this world’


  4. I’m not an expert but I swear horses that run wild look different from those that are tamed and corralled. Such a proud and independent face. I really enjoyed this trilogy of yours, and as you say the “magical wonders” are all around us if we stop to listen.


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