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Burren Moon (II)

  I hiked to the top, on my way back down I turned around and this sight met my eyes… December moon rising over Black Head, The Burren, Co. Clare, Ireland.

Burren Moon (I)

  December moon rising over Black Head, Co. Clare, Ireland.

Quiet Solitude

  Quiet solitude Boundless existence A timeless interlude Whispers of the moon The roar of stillness Deserts unnameable tune The return of a soul At home in the unknown Burning stories of old Walking through infinity The mystery deepens Life’s virginity ~ To you, Hanan. For your world of dreaming

Crescent Moon

  Curling up In the crescent moon A warm embrace A quiet tune Slowly sinking into The land of dreams Crossing oceans Walking along streams Listening to whispers In silhouetted trees From ancient voices Carried on the breeze Breathing in Vibrating midnight air A sacred homecoming To the blue nights

February Moon

  A foreign sound touching ancient Burren ground February Moon listening to a didgeridoo The wind let go opening wide Life’s One sacred soul    

Midnight Swan

  Glowing midnight swan awake long before dawn embraced by the storm and depths of night the open door to a magical sight its silent eye reflecting the wind and the wild revealing the mystery of a moon-dragon child ~      

Trilogy III: Running Free on Whirling Winds

  He raised his head it was time to let go looking at me knowingly fading into the light returning to the eternal fields of green his spirit running free on whirling winds leaving behind a healing heart echoing the soundless beat of galloping hooves   Epilogue: I have passed

Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background (II)

Flaming sunrise colors calling us awake night must withdraw its dark blue cape Mountain shadows over sea and clouds guided by the full moon until also she will fade into the background and dust of day ~ Sunrise and full moon in the background at Haleakala Crater, Maui.

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above (III)

Even in the darkest of night there is a light shining through from above touching the soul A quiet new reflection on thoughts of old it’s time again to look up and be bold Partner up with life head held high gazing through the Mystery of life she’s here to

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