Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon


Curling up
In the crescent moon
A warm embrace
A quiet tune
Slowly sinking into
The land of dreams
Crossing oceans
Walking along streams

Listening to whispers
In silhouetted trees
From ancient voices
Carried on the breeze
Breathing in
Vibrating midnight air
A sacred homecoming
To the blue nights care


8 Replies to “Crescent Moon”

  1. ehkstream says:

    Slice of bright
    In last sunlight
    Chased by night
    New moons delight
    It’ll be alright…


    • wow!
      Ehk, that is immensely beautiful! Thank you much!!
      Have a wonderful day
      Golden dawn holding sway
      Through your creative eye
      Always close at your side
      New colors and shapes
      Between earth and sky
      It’ll be alrigh………t 🙂


  2. Very soothing combination of your lovely photo of the moon combined with your imagery-Love!


  3. This is such a soothing post…perfect for rocking me off into dreams, in the soft creamy arms of the new moon 🙂


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