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Australia (IV)

A Place Where Solitary Dreams And Reality Merge

And the Gods Painted the Sky (IV)

  Follow me, she said And the Gods painted the sky I leaped into dreams ~

And the Gods Painted the Sky (III)

  Fleeting empty thoughts And the Gods painted the sky Quiet clouds drifting ~

And the Gods Painted the Sky (II)

  The Sun was shining And the Gods painted the sky The colours of Life ~

And the Gods Painted the Sky (I)

  Something’s in the air And the Gods painted the sky With new waves to ride ~

I Remember

  I remember This road I remember Climbing the tree Sitting exhilarated In its canopy Looking down At the mystic rivers steady flow Warm scents rising up From the lush undergrowth I remember This road I remember Quiet whispers from elven tongues The breeze of fresh air Filling my lungs

Who Am I Then?

  When I stand On the edge Of the barren cliffs When my eyes Reflects the wild Of the roaring sea When I touch The quiet grace Of a mystical rainbow When I listen To the harmonies Of the howling wind When I disappear Into the spiralling Mist of sea-spray

You Are

  You are as free As you allow Your dreaming to be ~

Dreaming and Drifting

  Dreaming and drifting Returning home to a place I had never left

Dreaming Phoenix

  On a different timeline My dreams was lost to black and white A phoenix with a broken wing Rapidly loosing height I was on the edge One could smell The sordid ashes From an inner burning hell A solitary dreamer About to burst Could I be reborn Or was


  Being here There is no ‘there’ ~ Weekly Photo Challenge Dreamy

Mystery Abides

Rite of Passage

Dreaming the Blue

  Dreaming the Blue Wild North, pure and true A mystical land The elements in command Breathing through my soul Life’s transparent, whole ~ Photographer: my good friend and wonderfully rude witch MrsRedHead Photography


  Between dusk and dawn In the space between spaces Dreamers are reborn ~   Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

Quiet Solitude

  Quiet solitude Boundless existence A timeless interlude Whispers of the moon The roar of stillness Deserts unnameable tune The return of a soul At home in the unknown Burning stories of old Walking through infinity The mystery deepens Life’s virginity ~ To you, Hanan. For your world of dreaming

Desert Dome

  Desert dome Although foreign to me In these desert landscapes I am mysteriously at home ~

I Sense the Desert Wind

  Coming from nowhere Going to nowhere I sense the desert wind ~

Blue Abstraction

  This photo of mine was given a beautiful poem by an incredibly talented writer: Magic Blue. By CpSingleton © 2014 Over the mountains deep and blue, To our kingdom in the sky. Hand in hand, just me and you. Or is it you and I? Up within the clouds

Dark Dusk

  Dark dusk On the cusp Life’s way ~

Life is a Poem

  Life is a poem Between the lines Behind the words In the space Between spaces Mystery roams Forever… ~

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