Blue Abstraction

lenticular cloud


This photo of mine was given a beautiful poem by an incredibly talented writer:

Magic Blue. By CpSingleton © 2014

Over the mountains deep and blue,
To our kingdom in the sky.
Hand in hand, just me and you.
Or is it you and I?

Up within the clouds that rest
Like a crown upon the peak,
We will sit astride the mountain crest and
Find the answers that we seek.

The gods inside their crystal ship
Shall rain blessings to our hearts.
There we’ll stay on mountain tip
Please click here to read the rest

Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

8 Replies to “Blue Abstraction”

  1. I really like this picture…:)


  2. I’m not usually one for “seeing animals” in clouds, but this looks like a whale in the surf to me. It’s beautiful.


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