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A Journey in Half-Light (IV)

  In Response to the WPC: “Half-Light”

A Journey in Half-Light (III)

  In Response to the WPC: “Half-Light”

A Journey in Half-Light (II)

  In Response to the WPC: “Half-Light”

A Journey in Half-Light (I)

  The Journey One day you finally knew what you had to do, and began, though the voices around you kept shouting their bad advice– though the whole house began to tremble and you felt the old tug at your ankles. “Mend my life!” each voice cried. But you didn’t

Sooner or Later…

  Please click on any of the photographs to see each on their own. In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: From Every Angle

Attentive Muse

  In respond to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse

Enveloped in Presence (II)

  and shy curiosity…   Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped

Enveloped in Presence (I)

  How often do we stop And give life Our full attention How often are we present To the mystery Of another How often do we listen To the silence of being That lives within How often do we let Open curiosity Lead the unknown way How often do we

I Am The Sea (I)

I Am the Sea (I)

  The forces of nature Untamed and free Running through my veins I am the Sea ~   I have uploaded this before in colors, here’s a version in black and white for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces of Nature

'In The Eye Of The Storm'

In the Eye of the Storm / Wildflower

  This photograph is what made me look at my photography with new and different eyes. The forces of nature is a constant inspiration to me and I owe a lot to this image. The day I captured it is branded in my mind as well as the breath I


  Epiphany A liberating moment Of sane insanity No finer reward   In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward

The Land of Horses (III)

  (Please click on original to see all three photos on their own)   Weekly photo challenge: Rule of Thirds


  Lake Tahoe area, Nevada. Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Dreaming Phoenix

  On a different timeline My dreams was lost to black and white A phoenix with a broken wing Rapidly loosing height I was on the edge One could smell The sordid ashes From an inner burning hell A solitary dreamer About to burst Could I be reborn Or was


  Being here There is no ‘there’ ~ Weekly Photo Challenge Dreamy

Silhouette (II)

  In this majestic place A pristine North Dusk and dawn becomes one Bringing deep resonance forth A lava church of nature Rising from the seabed To this I humbly bow Life’s untouched calm silhouette ~ Kirkjufell, Grundarfjörður, Iceland Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Silhouette (I)

  A solitary silhouette Completing a moments composition Evening sky and quiet land A golden intermission The rush to get to nowhere Quelled for a timeless while Nothing to withstand At least for a sunset mile Embracing the mystery And simply Be Letting go To truly see ~ Weekly Photo

Zig Zag

  Do you run alone Or with a pack? Do you run straight Or do you zig zag? Are you being true To your own natural way? Feeling the winds of freedom Following the call of your inner day? Perhaps “How”, is less important After all, aren’t we just a

Contrast (II)

  Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

Contrast (I)

  Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast


  Between dusk and dawn In the space between spaces Dreamers are reborn ~   Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

On a Sword’s Edge

  Walking on the crater crest Balancing life On a sword’s edge

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