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On the Move

  On the move Life is change Nothing Ever remains the same Walking down a red dusty road Wondering, are we really moving anywhere? Or is it merely The way life to us appear? ~ Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move


  Purple spring Feet growing wings Dragons slumber Camouflaged by desert umber ~ Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring!

On Top of Change

Little do I know I am soon no more to roam Change is at hand So very close To where I stand An emerald land where myths are alive Where even a wandering soul Can live and thrive Little do I know I am to call it home Or perhaps,

On Top of the World (II)

Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

On Top of the World (I)

Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

Blue Abstraction

  This photo of mine was given a beautiful poem by an incredibly talented writer: Magic Blue. By CpSingleton © 2014 Over the mountains deep and blue, To our kingdom in the sky. Hand in hand, just me and you. Or is it you and I? Up within the clouds

Threshold II

  Rainbow touching Sunlit trees Dark clouds lingering Holding rusty keys Rainbow reaching Beyond the eye Down to our world Beneath an infinite sky Rainbow weaving A new fabric of life Golden branches illuminating The mystery by my side Rainbow calling Showing a different way Over the threshold The unknown

Threshold I

  Snow-capped mountains Walking on the edge On both sides the abyss Watching my steaming breath Touching the snow With bare sensitive hands Listening to my heart And it’s fiery demands Cool mountain breeze Caressing my naked soul Soaring towards limitless skies On a threshold; dreams exposed ~ WPC –

Butterfly Reflection

  Natures quiet creation Inspiring our imagination Subtle blue sky The touch of a butterfly Bringer of transformation Life’s natural abrasion ~ WPC: Reflections

Reflections on Perspective

Looking deep Into a boundless lake Of existence Of being Of life’s ache What do you see? Perspectives spinning What stories within Are winning? Is the sky blue Behind and underneath the clouds? Is the world turned upside down? Does it make you believe You are about to drown? Or

Waves, Cliffs and Sea; a Dance of Threes

  Stirring Building Groaning Churning Smiling Teasing Poking Yearning The freedom to be The eye of love to see The life within you and me… ~ The words was called out by a comment-exchange with Michele D’Acosta on my previous post “Yggdrasill” If you have a moment or three to

In the Eye of the Storm

  On Rainbow Hill tranquil and still a hidden sanctuary calling out simplicity protected, quiet and warm in the eye of the raging storm the only source of light a fire, a flame so bright reflected in eyes stealth and green a creature, so pure and serene candlelit limestone walls

Desert Shadow

  Who are we in contrast to our shadow?   “The colorful Arava Mountains stretches behind me as far as my eyes can see. A subtle yet deeply familiar sensation awakens in me, a sensation I throughout the years have come to trust. How will it be to walk from

Silly Sunday Selfie…

It’s Ireland…   WPC: Selfie

Juxtaposition (II)

  How does the world look to ye what does your eyes see what is your reality does it hold a ‘we’ or solely a ‘me’ is there a key to integrity simplicity dignity to Be ?   WPC: Juxtaposition  

Juxtaposition (I)

  WPC: Juxtaposition  


Unexpected rain clouds in Palm Springs. And even more unexpected how I ended up here on my wanderings… Weekly Photo Challenge: “Unexpected”  

Infinite (II)

  Weekly Photo Challenge: “Infinite”  

Infinite (I)

  Weekly Photo Challenge: “Infinite”

Inside (II)

Deep inside mysteries abide Love and colorful worlds left forever untold Three Norns weaving the tread of Life Perhaps he was right; the cards are dealt setting sail crossing the eternal belt A sacred tear a many-layered shade honoring a life cut short by fate   To H.    

Inside I

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

An Unusual Point of View (POV)

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV

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