Waves, Cliffs and Sea; a Dance of Threes



The freedom to be
The eye of love to see
The life within you and me…


The words was called out by a comment-exchange with Michele D’Acosta on my previous post “Yggdrasill”

If you have a moment or three to spare, please vote for this remarkable woman whose days are made of the very fabric of co-creation and the power it brings to causes of the heart: “With the help of an international photography competition, D’Acosta’s goal is to bring global attention to the desperate plight of these forgotten people – and use her photo-journalism as a tool to help leverage medical attention, food, clean water and proper housing for the men, women and children that live in cramped and unsanitary conditions in a bombed out building on Pademba Road, Freetown, Sierra Leone.” Michele D’Acosta – Exposure

WPC: Threes

19 Replies to “Waves, Cliffs and Sea; a Dance of Threes”

  1. Raw, powerful, elemental…


  2. mithriluna says:

    Wow. Majestic and powerful.


  3. Katalina4 says:

    Wonderful – both aspects so forbidding, the sea against that wall of rock. Elements.


  4. Gerry C. says:

    Very dramatic photo collage. Can almost feel the surf and hear the splashing of the waves. Bravo!


  5. Maybe it recognizes me and decides to reveal itself…
    Thank you, You, for such beautiful comment!!


  6. Beautiful shots, Hanne. Black & white is a good choice for these pictures.


  7. […] provided by Hanne T Fisker at: https://htfisker.com/2014/02/25/waves-cliffs-and-sea-a-dance-of-threes/ I definitely recommend checking out her great […]


  8. Thank-you, for the ‘like’! Great, concise post for wonderful cause.


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