Friendship I


Love is art
A masterpiece of truth
Art is Love
Carrying eternal youth
A bringer of inspiration
To our world of worlds
Listening deep
To all the spoken
And unspoken words
What lies behind
And in between
Reaching ever further
Into the infinite unseen
All around
Every tone
And every sound
Landing with grace
On soft fertile ground

Yggdrasill standing strong
Our sacred Tree of Life
To understand its wisdom
Our Selves we must sacrifice
Branches of the tree
Reaching towards the sky
Raindrops touching leaves
On mysterious winds we fly
Love wants nothing
It already is
Everything and nothing
Already hers and his

In the heartbeat of silences
Through tears and a smile
We need not carry each other
We walk side by side
Stars shining of inner might
In a still forthright night
Love; the holy grail
Setting sail
In truth we are
Magical and free
Unknowingly breathing in
Life’s simple alchemy

Love hunts no story
Of yesterdays
Or tomorrows glory
Where there is a beginning
There will be an end
The world is spinning
A branch will bend
It takes courage
To open up and be still
To surrender and sink into
Life’s peculiar will

We believe Love hurts
And a heart can break
Beyond repair
But only stories ache
Leading us into despair
A closed heart
The cause of pain
Wrapping ourselves
And each other
In invisible chains

We fall out
We fall back in
It doesn’t change
A thing
The Heart
Will remain
It’s only claim
Love is Love
In an all powerful dance
A pure and liberating trance
Merciless and fierce
The message
Simple and clear
Like Boudica’s
Soaring serpent-spear

Clouds passing by
Forever blue is the sky
Love will not bow
Love is Now!

26 Replies to “Yggdrasill”

  1. I’m glad we got your giddy grandma into the picture and in particular her left ear lobe! lol!
    Thank you, You!


  2. iithinks says:

    Beautiful Hanne πŸ™‚


  3. What an incredible piece of poetry….I love it…sweeping us along the deep waves of life beneath the sacred tree. Just wonderful Hanne…and the image is lovely too πŸ™‚


    • Thank you much. It took about 8 years and a week of sleepless nights for it to be born 5 am this morning πŸ™‚ Imperfect in many ways, but I suppose sometimes the love we think we know is too…


  4. Joe says:



  5. Jessica says:

    What an incredible picture and story. Beautifully written


    • Jessica, thank you. I deeply appreciate your comment. somehow with this one, it means a lot that what I wished to express got transferred in such a way that the viewer can see it. My Ode to Love and Life I suppose. lol!


  6. Wow, I didn’t even want to breathe as I read your poem — not even the distraction of respiration with lines like these… “Love; the holy grail/Simultaneously/Setting sail…” Magnificent poem.


    • aawww, Michele thank you!
      I’m deeply grateful the words decided to find their way through… much wanted to be expressed, so it all got jammed in the door…. but a friend showed me the key.. all I had to do then was to use it… that took a week πŸ˜‰


      • Hanne, just a week… it would have taken me forever! Your brilliance is the light in a cloudy sky. And please give my kindest regards to the friend who showed you the key… May the universe bless your co-creation… πŸ™‚


        • Well, it took 8 years.. lol! But could physically feel it within me for a week or more; stirring, groaning, churning, smiling, teasing, poking, calling… yet strongest of all – the freedom to be, the eye of love to see, the life within me… turning not only night into day, but words into sea-spray… !!
          I will pass it on for sure! It takes a mighty soul to show one a key like this…
          Thank you deeply! I think the Universe looked over your shoulder, the co-creation feels blessed indeed. I think you in particular knows the true power of stepping beyond that only comes through co-creational work. I believe your days are made of that very material!


          • Wow… music just flows from you. What do you hear when you are still and looking at nothing in particular? I can only imagine the harmony and the syncopation… you emphasize the normally unaccented beats… “teasing, poking, churning….” I can’t wait for you and the ‘Key’ to measure up for another symphony. πŸ™‚ And thank you for your recognition of my process. You know!!


  7. Love. Love. Love. Such a mythology enthusiast-I thoroughly enjoyed your treatment of it!


  8. Love is “merciless and fierce” – so true, no mushy stuff here, that’s for sissies! πŸ™‚


  9. bluebrightly says:

    “Love wants nothing, it already is…” πŸ™‚ yes.


  10. Uncle Tree says:

    “Yggdrasill standing strong
    Our sacred Tree of Life
    To understand its wisdom
    Our Selves we must sacrifice
    Branches of the tree
    Reaching towards the sky
    Raindrops touching leaves
    On mysterious winds we fly
    Love wants nothing
    It already is
    Everything and nothing”

    Very well said, Hanne!
    You know me well.

    Hanging with The Prince of Peace, I am. Uncle Tree πŸ™‚


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