Palm Spring Sunset against Jacinta Mountain

Unexpected rain clouds in Palm Springs. And even more unexpected how I ended up here on my wanderings…

Weekly Photo Challenge: “Unexpected”


10 Replies to “Unexpected”

  1. Ann-Charlotte Vindt says:

    Hej Hanne. Meget smukt billede. Din far og håber du har det godt. Kærlig hilsen. Din far og mig.

    Sendt fra min iPhone

    > Den 27/11/2013 kl. 08.09 skrev “Hanne T. Fisker” : > > >


  2. Nice shot, Hanne! Good composition.


  3. Amazing orchid colors in the sky….I’ve seen one or two predominant colors but so many of them altogether….just gorgeous.


  4. myriorama says:

    The colours of a dream – hope mine is suffused with them tonight.


    • That’s a beautiful way to look at this photo. Did the colors weave into your dreams? If not, perhaps they work for daytime too.


      • myriorama says:

        Hmmm, I have to confess I had some very black, bleak, unsettling dreams early this wintry morning. I guess the colours you caught are those that might come with the dawn at the tail end of a midsummer night’s dream; I should know better than to try and talk myself into dreaming them!


        • I’m sorry to hear that. Don’t be too hard on yourself though for not being able to will the colors of your dreams, some places will just doesn’t reach… ( I know I’m not conveying anything new to you here)


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