In the Eye of the Storm

Power Cut


On Rainbow Hill
tranquil and still
a hidden sanctuary
calling out simplicity
protected, quiet and warm
in the eye of the raging storm
the only source of light
a fire, a flame so bright
reflected in eyes stealth and green
a creature, so pure and serene
candlelit limestone walls
the dark angel falls
black clouds kissed by the moon
hauling wind, life’s untamed tune
freedoms roar
wielded by the strength of Thor


Three days power-cut in the wild West ain’t good for nothin’! Makes one see the true treasure of a warm fireplace and candle lights.
WPC: Treasure


5 Replies to “In the Eye of the Storm”

  1. Wonderful and full of fiery power


  2. Now, that’s what I’ll call a kick-arse comment! lol! Thanks a mill Mr. Singleton!


  3. Himani B says:

    gorgeouss Hanne!!


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