Dreaming Phoenix

Dreamy III


On a different timeline
My dreams was lost to black and white
A phoenix with a broken wing
Rapidly loosing height

I was on the edge
One could smell
The sordid ashes
From an inner burning hell

A solitary dreamer
About to burst
Could I be reborn
Or was I cursed?

A whisper riding on Northern winds
Carried a simple choice
Quietly I listened
To this mystical voice

“Either way you’ll burn
One question remains
Will you rise again
Or turn frozen, forever in chains?”

Reaching a point of no return
To live a life
True to my soul
Or slowly die

Rising from the edge
One could smell
Purified ashes
Transformed by life’s infinite well


Weekly Photo Challenge Dreamy

14 Replies to “Dreaming Phoenix”

  1. F.G.M. says:

    Purified ashes
    Transformed by life’s infinite well…
    Hanne! I am WOWed. Amazing photo, amazing poem, amazing Artist you are!


  2. I agree with Frederic this one’s a gem.


  3. Fabulous Hanne! LOVE the weave of words-and your photography is sublime here. ❤


    • Holly, thank you so much. It’s such a great adventure to once again explore creativity, movements and photos from a memorable journey. I thoroughly enjoy it. To be back in that space. However, there is a time for everything 🙂


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