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My Friend the Winged One – Home

When I am in the presence of the robin, I simply am. Without the ‘I’. That’s it. That’s enough. Although we are so obviously very dissimilar, there is this notion that ultimately we are of the same. Only expressed differently. Home is same. I see the blue marble without borders or countries when I look into its dark eyes. I sense the unfathomable mystery behind our very existence. And that truly is home.

I Remember

  I remember This road I remember Climbing the tree Sitting exhilarated In its canopy Looking down At the mystic rivers steady flow Warm scents rising up From the lush undergrowth I remember This road I remember Quiet whispers from elven tongues The breeze of fresh air Filling my lungs

Smiling Back at the Sun

  There are days The Atlantic waves Are crashing wild and tall Against the naked limestone wall Regardless of the force It doesn’t change its absence of course Remaining solid and still Revealing stealth beyond will On the surface the cliff reflects An apparent reality, superior and complex And yet,

What Simply Is

  Neutral life Filling it out With our inner eyes Projecting our own colors Onto boundless stillness Keeping track of time In a timeless universe Weaving the fabric Of stories around What simply is ~

A Day Gone By (I)

  A day gone by Bright wings Touching the sky Fading into dreams Makes me question Is anything what it seems? Moments constantly turning Into nothing But memories of the mind, burning Feathers gently brushing away The dream Of who ever I was today ~

Silent Presences Linger

  Silent presences linger In a white veil of spray Carrying many a tale untold Of a far away yesterday Time passes Much is no more Although a mark remains Deep in the hearts core Words written A last black trace Of moments lived Of new moments to face The

Who Am I Then?

  When I stand On the edge Of the barren cliffs When my eyes Reflects the wild Of the roaring sea When I touch The quiet grace Of a mystical rainbow When I listen To the harmonies Of the howling wind When I disappear Into the spiralling Mist of sea-spray

A Moment

  There are times Of no time Life opens wide And all there is Is what there is Reflected In a moment Only This Exists No arrow of mind Flying between Past and future It has stopped in midair Above the ground Beneath our bare feet Where it dissolves And

She of Quiet Streams

  She of quiet streams Weaving simple dreams Of endings and new beginnings An eternal dance Natures infinite romance ~

Mountain Palette

  Mountain palette A subtle colorful display Of Life’s multiple facets Do we truly choose our way? A moment of still Before moving forth To an unknown rhythm Heading North ~

Off The Beaten Track

  A change in the wind Untapped life stirring within Off the beaten track ~

A Fragment

  We can only see A fragment of what’s perceived As reality ~

Dreaming Phoenix

  On a different timeline My dreams was lost to black and white A phoenix with a broken wing Rapidly loosing height I was on the edge One could smell The sordid ashes From an inner burning hell A solitary dreamer About to burst Could I be reborn Or was

Frozen Still

  Even through dark clouds and frozen still Life holds a mystical glow Pointing us in a direction We might sense but rarely know ~

Sunlight Dances on Waves

  Peculiar Life… Sometimes we seem to walk in a haze Yet, sunlight still dances on waves ~

Dreaming the Blue

  Dreaming the Blue Wild North, pure and true A mystical land The elements in command Breathing through my soul Life’s transparent, whole ~ Photographer: my good friend and wonderfully rude witch MrsRedHead Photography

Momentary Fantasy?

  Words spoken Hearts blown open Razing minds Keeping us blind To the magic of life We cut it out with a knife “Back to reality” some people say Going back to their daily lives in dismay Who decided that was ‘reality’ And freedom, innocence and love just a momentary

Life is a Painting

  Life is a painting Each brushstroke a story lived by Like clouds passing On an infinite blue sky Sometimes a story cracks open Letting the light shine through Touching a deeper sense Of what we know to be true Without the changing clouds The painting would be less The


  Earths symphony Showing a subtle path Towards life’s harmony

On the Move

  On the move Life is change Nothing Ever remains the same Walking down a red dusty road Wondering, are we really moving anywhere? Or is it merely The way life to us appear? ~ Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move

In the Space Between Diversity

  On a bronze mountains dry shelves A little part of Earths story dwells A wonder for our feet to walk upon A sound of silence, a resonant song Don’t we also to this belong; In the space between diversity Aren’t we all one? ~

Different Paths

  Walking down different paths Yet, moving in the same direction Recognizing ourselves In nature and each others reflection ~

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