Smiling Back at the Sun



There are days
The Atlantic waves
Are crashing wild and tall
Against the naked limestone wall

Regardless of the force
It doesn’t change its absence of course
Remaining solid and still
Revealing stealth beyond will

On the surface the cliff reflects
An apparent reality, superior and complex
And yet, it stands quiet and strong
From its core smiling back at the sun

I walk away, looking at the calm sea below
Eradiating the evenings afterglow
Wondering, if I was to stand before thee
What would be reflected back at me?


Those of you who’ve seen my previous little series on a sunset in black and white called “A Day Gone By I-III” and “What Simply Is” this is the light from the very same sunset reflected back from the cliffs…

2 Replies to “Smiling Back at the Sun”

  1. Morgan says:

    YES your words are back 🙂 And Im so Glad!! 🙂


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