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Winter (IV)

Snow in the Burren is as beautiful as it is rare.

Winter (II)

The rain is back, but the memory of snow lingers.

Winter (I)

Snow in the Burren.

Gratitude (II)

  Gratitude For Whispers from Trees and Limestone Rocks For Wide Horizons and Unexplored Paths For Perseverance and Fluidity For Winter’s Womb and Summer’s Light ~

'Winter Twilight'

Winter Twilight in the Burren

'Winter Web'

Winter in the Burren (II)

'Winter Still'

Winter in the Burren (I)

Abstraction of Light (I)

I Remember

  I remember This road I remember Climbing the tree Sitting exhilarated In its canopy Looking down At the mystic rivers steady flow Warm scents rising up From the lush undergrowth I remember This road I remember Quiet whispers from elven tongues The breeze of fresh air Filling my lungs

Smiling Back at the Sun

  There are days The Atlantic waves Are crashing wild and tall Against the naked limestone wall Regardless of the force It doesn’t change its absence of course Remaining solid and still Revealing stealth beyond will On the surface the cliff reflects An apparent reality, superior and complex And yet,

'In The Eye Of The Storm'

In the Eye of the Storm / Wildflower

  This photograph is what made me look at my photography with new and different eyes. The forces of nature is a constant inspiration to me and I owe a lot to this image. The day I captured it is branded in my mind as well as the breath I

Gentle Dreams

  Borgarfjörður, Iceland

Smoking Mountains

Resting Clouds


  Lake Tahoe area, Nevada. Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Photography Exhibition!

  I’ve been absent here for quite a while, due to preparing my first photography exhibition ever! Prints are done and ready to be signed and then framed for the Doolin Writers Weekend 27th – 29th of March 2015 (which I am also helping organising) Progress indeed!! Scary shit. And

Tranquility Abides

Seeing Deeper Than The Eye

Landscape Passing Through

E Minor

Piano In Tune

Behind The Veil (II)

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