Landscape Passing Through

Snow and mountains speeding

9 Replies to “Landscape Passing Through”

  1. smmartwerkz says:

    almost looks like a painting, great series of images


  2. Ann-Charlotte Vindt says:

    Kære Hanne. Det er fortsat meget smukke billeder du tager. Jeg vil ønske dig en god jul og godt nytår. Kærlig hilsen Ann-Charlotte Sendt fra min iPhone

    > Den 18/12/2014 kl. 16.31 skrev “Hanne T. Fisker” : > > >


  3. Interesting composition of ice, water and cloud. The longer you stare at it the more interesting it becomes.

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    • That is what I aim for in my photos, that they somehow pull the viewer in and reveal more thereby. I think though it acquire some kind of presence to be able to see it or for the photo to reveal itself. I’m glad you took that time. For me, this one looked like the landscape was passing through the photo, while I/the viewer is standing still, hence the title 🙂


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