Do Clouds Dream Too?

Do Clouds Dream too

4 Replies to “Do Clouds Dream Too?”

  1. Cyan Ryan says:

    Ah, is this the one you mentioned to me on your other photo? It’s amazing, I can’t tell if the purple snow is from editing, or actual twilight. I’m curious to know though!


    • It is indeed 🙂 And thank you, I’m really glad you like it. I know it’s not ‘proper’ photography, however sometimes I see a composition I really like, yet the photo doesn’t stand out the way I feel it, so I boldly allow myself the freedom to play with it. So no, it’s not the actual colors or twilight, it was taken during daytime.

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  2. kiwiskan says:

    Yes – I can see one there, just lying on his back, dreaming…


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