Tag: Dreams

Doorways To Dreams

A Day Gone By (I)

  A day gone by Bright wings Touching the sky Fading into dreams Makes me question Is anything what it seems? Moments constantly turning Into nothing But memories of the mind, burning Feathers gently brushing away The dream Of who ever I was today ~

Who Am I Then?

  When I stand On the edge Of the barren cliffs When my eyes Reflects the wild Of the roaring sea When I touch The quiet grace Of a mystical rainbow When I listen To the harmonies Of the howling wind When I disappear Into the spiralling Mist of sea-spray

Do Clouds Dream Too?


  Whispers linger In the quiet morning air Fairies and mountain elves I sense their gentle care Whispers linger In the quiet morning air Untold tales Of loss and despair Whispers linger In the morning air We can tread lightly If we care to dare ~

She of Quiet Streams

  She of quiet streams Weaving simple dreams Of endings and new beginnings An eternal dance Natures infinite romance ~

Changing Horizons

  Changing horizons Clouds and streams moving through dreams Quiet light shines through ~

Threshold I

  Snow-capped mountains Walking on the edge On both sides the abyss Watching my steaming breath Touching the snow With bare sensitive hands Listening to my heart And it’s fiery demands Cool mountain breeze Caressing my naked soul Soaring towards limitless skies On a threshold; dreams exposed ~ WPC –

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