Tag: abstract

Australia (I)


A Matter of Perspective (I)

Do Clouds Dream Too?

I Sense the Desert Wind

  Coming from nowhere Going to nowhere I sense the desert wind ~

Silver Shadow

  On the edge of crashing waves and solid rock of sanity or perhaps yet a paradox? Subtle whispers from the primordial sea briefly lifts the veil to life’s mystery silver shadows in a playful dance whisking me away to a magical realm a world of dreams an honest home


  Listen deep below a river flows invisible, quiet and strong following the rhythm of a soundless song Listen to the flow it will show a life No-one seems to know Listen…   View: Drawings  

Companionable (III)

I have come to get quite familiar with this peculiar indefatigable companion and the mystery of her wandering and dreaming nature…   In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

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