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Australia (I)


A Matter of Perspective (I)

Do Clouds Dream Too?

I Sense the Desert Wind

  Coming from nowhere Going to nowhere I sense the desert wind ~

Silver Shadow

  On the edge of crashing waves and solid rock of sanity or perhaps yet a paradox? Subtle whispers from the primordial sea briefly lifts the veil to life’s mystery silver shadows in a playful dance whisking me away to a magical realm a world of dreams an honest home


  Listen deep below a river flows invisible, quiet and strong following the rhythm of a soundless song Listen to the flow it will show a life No-one seems to know Listen…   View: Drawings  

Companionable (III)

I have come to get quite familiar with this peculiar indefatigable companion and the mystery of her wandering and dreaming nature…   In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background (I)

Iceland in the Background…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape (II)

  Escape into the enchanted world of colors, poetry and music where common reality is cut down naked by a gentle dreamers sword of tunes Enveloped in the mystery of a caressing mist a homecoming of the soul In this place of no place here… grey turns light becomes visible

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern (III)

Sir Herbert Read quoted in the book The Art of Looking Sideways by Alan Fletcher

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern (II)

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above (III)

Even in the darkest of night there is a light shining through from above touching the soul A quiet new reflection on thoughts of old it’s time again to look up and be bold Partner up with life head held high gazing through the Mystery of life she’s here to

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up (III)

I Am Home wandering in the desert sensing someone looking at me turning around looking up into a world unknown the veil is thin I am home…

A Dreamers Walkabout

A Dreamers Walkabout The Burren was calling out For a Dreamers walkabout Quietly moving through The many shaded mountains of blue Carefully touching the bones of the Earth A silent reflection of life’s true worth Tunes carried by the wind Remembrance of an ancient song within Timeless simplicity touching the

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