Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape (II)

andre feriante


Escape into the enchanted world
of colors, poetry and music
where common reality
is cut down naked
by a gentle dreamers
sword of tunes
Enveloped in the mystery
of a caressing mist
a homecoming
of the soul
In this place
of no place

grey turns
light becomes visible
a unicorn among horses
remembers its worth


Photo of my dear friend Andre Feriante playing at The Mix in Georgetown, Seattle 2009. New tunes found its way to this world from the island of songs and formed a beautiful piece of music that touched me deeply. For almost two years ‘the song’ stayed nameless until one day I received a letter; the story of the wood in the guitar blended with a name and the essence behind it: “Hanne of Cypress”


9 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape (II)”

  1. “Hanne of Cypress” — perhaps a new name for you to adopt? As always I want to heap a bowl filled with praise upon your words and images. Every line is poignant but this one stands out for me: “a unicorn among horses
    remembers its worth”. A line like this alerts my senses! Are you coming to London this week? If so, perhaps we will pass each other in the street and a few hours later comment on each other’s posts 🙂 Please forgive me, I have a couple of your comments that I still need to attend to… many blessings and have a peaceful day. Michele


    • Michele, thank you much and as always your sensitive and fine-tuned senses are deeply appreciated. Exactly those words are the essence and true story of the whole post… Would be amazing to pass by you on the streets of London and as the most natural thing in the world going: “oh hi Michele, how brilliant, thought I would pass by you today” and then we’ll have coffee!

      p.s. never ever worry about needing to reply on any of my comments, it all has it’s time.


  2. “a homecoming of the soul” – music will do that for us! How did you turn the photo into the lovely, colorful abstract?


  3. Lily Mugford says:

    Beautiful words to match the amazing music played by your friend. Is that song available to purchase? did he record it. I love it. wonderful escape music to play when I am resting and escaping.


    • Hi Lily, thank you much. I’m actually not sure if this particularly song is available for purchase as of yet, I’ll check it out. You can also contact him on his website and ask regarding this. Another album of his I absolutely love is called “Angelica”


  4. What a beautiful piece of music, thank you for sharing the video.


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