A Dreamers Walkabout

A Dreamers Walkabout 2012

A Dreamers Walkabout

The Burren was calling out
For a Dreamers walkabout
Quietly moving through
The many shaded mountains of blue
Carefully touching the bones of the Earth
A silent reflection of life’s true worth

Tunes carried by the wind
Remembrance of an ancient song within
Timeless simplicity touching the soul
Once again life feels whole
Deep and vibrating stillness
Life, sacred and boundless


My first poem (2011) and my first drawing (2012) strangely resurfaced today and found each other…

Curious about the life behind this dreamer? The door is open here!

13 Replies to “A Dreamers Walkabout”

  1. “Carefully touching the bones of the Earth”
    I love this!


  2. seeker says:

    Well, look at that! A poet, an artist, a photographer. You are an amazing woman.


  3. I love those radiating spirals that look like fiddleheads, life emerging, brandnew but always part of an ancient cycle.


  4. First poem and first drawing, WOW! A beautiful equation.


    • Thank you Michele, apparently a door to creativity, I didn’t know was there, opened up recently. Much to my own surprise. A new world, a world I love…


      • Hanne, you’re on an extraordinary new chapter in your life. In my humble opinion your work is outstanding. As soon as I looked at your blog my heart and mind started leaping! Can you say what was the catalyst that opened the door for you?


        • Michele, the catalyst, it’s not one pivotal moment but it’s been focusing the last 7 years on shedding more and more of the “programming” of shoulda, gotta, oughta do in order to simply “be” and taking my being on long walks in deserts, along the Atlantic and in particular in the Burren, speaking of raw poetic energy… among multiple other invisible creative influences, yet not the less powerful. It’s a fantastic journey indeed 🙂


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