Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above (III)

From Above

Even in the darkest of night
there is a light
shining through from above
touching the soul

A quiet new reflection
on thoughts of old
it’s time again
to look up
and be bold

Partner up with life
head held high
gazing through
the Mystery of life
she’s here to stay
invisibly leading the way

11 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above (III)”

  1. WOW!!! thats REALLY GOOD!!!


  2. Harrie says:

    Love the atmosphere! Good one Hanne.


  3. neenslewy says:

    Love it and a great poem to twin with your image.


  4. You capture magic and make it tangible.


  5. v says:

    Thank you for your wonderful pictures, which often will provoke a second look, since the first one leaves me puzzled and then, you have inspired me, therefore I would like to nominate you for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”, http://anowaday.wordpress.com/awards/very-inspiring-blog-award/, keep on puzzling, v


    • V, thank you so much for your words, it is deeply encouraging and truly moving that my photos can touch some people out with inspiration. I’m quite puzzled with life, my main occupation on this planet Earth 😉 and apparently it shines through my photos… Thank you again and for the fine nomination.


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