Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above (II)

From Above (II)

16 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above (II)”

  1. cd1972 says:

    Great photo, really like it!


    • Thank you! It’s from a spectacular day and memorable day watching the sunset in the East and the full moon in the west on top of Haleakala Crater on Maui. The shot is from walking down into the crater afterwards…


  2. This is a very good photo es specially the rays of sunshine!


  3. seeker says:

    Is that rays of sunshine real or one of your good photographer tricks. Either way, beautiful shot.


  4. Mystical. The rays came to greet you! Incredible image.


    • You have an eye for the mystical, of course you have 🙂 This particular day was as walking in the center of the mystery of life revealing itself in glimpses. That it came through the photo as well left me very quiet and stunned when I saw it. Thank you for witnessing it Michele


  5. Jeff Sinon says:

    Wow! I must say the only way I could like this photo more is if it came out of my camera 😀 Outstanding! B&W is such an excellent choice.


  6. Top class picture. Excellent use of light!


  7. This is such a beautiful photo; I love your portrayal of what you see. A hundred others could have pointed a camera in the same direction but would never have had the vision to turn this scene into such a great picture!! Glad you found my blog and led me here 🙂


    • Your comments and likes are immensely appreciated and encouraging. Your work is truly amazing and inspiring! A humble thank you Peter, for taking your time to visit and look into how the world appears to me!


  8. F.G.M. says:

    WOW Hanne I LOVE THIS ONE VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mystical picture!
    Really really beautiful – and very inspiring (I’ll have to write something about)
    Your friend


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