Companionable (III)

Isreal 2012 054
I have come to get quite familiar with this peculiar indefatigable companion and the mystery of her wandering and dreaming nature…


In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

10 Replies to “Companionable (III)”

  1. jaime perez says:

    Excellent, I like the effect in the picture!


  2. Hanne, I have come to distrust my companion. She always disappears at night and in bad weather. Best to rely on self 🙂


    • At night time, she probably takes a much needed break to meet up with other kindred spirits and besides who want’s to be around for bad weather, sounds quite wise to me 😉


  3. martin says:

    excellent response to the challenge! reminds me of the fantasy trilogy of the magician Gad (the Earthsea books by Ursula K Le Guin) where Gad and his companion shadow are central to the story. great book, great interpretation of this theme!


  4. Very nice picture and great interpretation!


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