'In The Eye Of The Storm'

In the Eye of the Storm / Wildflower

22 januar 2013 048_ed


This photograph is what made me look at my photography with new and different eyes. The forces of nature is a constant inspiration to me and I owe a lot to this image. The day I captured it is branded in my mind as well as the breath I lost when I saw it on my screen.

As importantly, with this image I wish to send you all here on wordpress a heart felt thank you for your incredible encouragement along the way! Many a comment is remembered as they have been pivotal to spur me on. It has and does mean a lot and is without a shadow of doubt a huge part of what gave me the courage to take photography that one step further.

So, my absence here is due to me getting accustomed to undertaking this new endeavour of printing my soul on canvas and frame it, so to speak. To place myself in the eye of the beautiful life-changing storm and navigate from there. I have my second exhibition coming up in a few days time in Co. Galway Ireland, do pop by if you are in the area! If this has any interest to you, more info on my other blog along with some in-depth reflections behind this new step in my life; please click here

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces of Nature

9 Replies to “In the Eye of the Storm / Wildflower”

  1. iosatel says:


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  2. Jeremy says:

    Love your photography style!

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  3. Good for you, Hanne, glad you are getting your work out there into the world. You have a unique style and eye for all things nature.

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  4. Great choice for this challenge, Hanne!

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