No. 967

Poetic words doesn’t exactly flow around or out of me these days, but thankfully they do for others! Here’s Cp.Singletons words on Solitude sitting next to an image of mine captured 2am (night or morning, depending on who you are, I suppose) in Iceland..

Author, C A Middleton

Photo credit:

Abundant Solitude Ahoy! By CpSingleton © 2015

Scattered around the richness

Of evening’s oranges and limes,

By a wind that sings a costal tune

That takes me back sometimes,

Is a scene of solitude, though not

In the least bit sad or lonely.

It’s one where the inner needs to

Throw out its long arms and yawn!

When, just as the seagull settles,

It walks its own quiet beach ’til dawn.

This is where the orange meets blue

And not merely one and only.

And there it drinks its fill.

Refreshed/revitalised once more.

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