A Moment

Reflecting Now - I


There are times
Of no time
Life opens wide
And all there is
Is what there is
In a moment

Only This

No arrow of mind
Flying between
Past and future
It has stopped in midair
Above the ground
Beneath our bare feet
Where it dissolves
And with it
The stories it holds
And the hold
The stories have on us

And even when the wind stirs
Creating ripples
Distorting the reflection
Even when time re-enters
Creating lines
For the re-appearing arrow
To fly along
In it’s constant
Searching movement
And in its wake
Creating both beauty
And destruction
Wrapping stories around us
Once again
With questions
Seeking answers

Even then
A moment is infinite
A vibrating paradox
Of still
Eternally behind
The momentarily
Of the surface

A moment
Where everything
Wants nothing
It simply is
Pouring through
Raw and naked
Of being

A moment can never be held
It holds us


20 Replies to “A Moment”

  1. directorb says:

    Great post!


  2. Excellent post, Hanne, words and photo!


  3. myriorama says:

    Somehow with the image I think you cheated the truth of the poem’s conclusion, because it’s an eternally beautiful moment caught, so that it can be held / beheld by those who never saw it with their own eyes.


    • Cheating is not something I would normally take as a positive thing, in this case though, I find your comment immensely beautiful. Although the moment in the poem can’t be seen with the eye, I’m touched that you think it does capture exactly that… Thank you.


      • myriorama says:

        I certainly meant it in the positive, escapologist sense rather than that you were being deceitful! I understand what you mean about the moment in the poem; I suppose it is the pairing of that interior moment with the exterior dreamscape that suggested the latter as the backdrop to the unfolding words.


  4. Mu

    Beautiful all around…man


  5. Andrew Seal says:

    A wonderful start to December. Your words and image are captivating as always.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Seafarrwide says:

    beautiful and stunning photo


  7. Tina Schell says:

    Lovely shot, made more powerful with your prose. Nicely done.


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