Mountain Palette

Mountain Palette


Mountain palette
A subtle colorful display
Of Life’s multiple facets
Do we truly choose our way?

A moment of still
Before moving forth
To an unknown rhythm
Heading North


26 Replies to “Mountain Palette”

  1. Wow! Wonderful colours!


  2. thenoveilst says:


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  3. Mike Bizeau says:

    What amazing color on an grey day, amazing.

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  4. What beautiful colours…..looks like a painting

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    • Thanks a mill, Seonaid. I thought the same as I looked at the photo. And when I took it, I sat for a long time taking in these subtle surprising colors a mountain in Iceland can hold. The green some places are almost surreal.


  5. Hanne, that’s you all right, heading forth and moving north to an unknown rhythm.

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  6. wildsherkin says:

    How beautiful! I also thought it was a painting!

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  7. paranoiasnfm says:

    So beautiful! πŸ™‚

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