Sunlight Dances on Waves

Sunlight on waves


Peculiar Life…
Sometimes we seem to walk in a haze
Yet, sunlight still dances on waves


12 Replies to “Sunlight Dances on Waves”

  1. Cnawan Fahey says:

    Sometimes the light’s all shinin’ on me;
    Other times I can barely see.
    Lately it occurres to me
    What a long, strange trip it’s been.
    “Truckin'” ~ The Grateful Dead

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    • Brilliant Gnawan! Never listened to The Grateful Dead, maybe I should?


      • Cnawan Fahey says:

        This song, in particular, you will like. I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t know them well myself, but what I do know I really enjoy. If you check them out, let me know anything your enjoy so I can give it a listen. Blessings!


  2. The photo had been on my mind all day, while sitting in the sun, the words poured through. I’m happy if the sunlight reached further than Ireland!


  3. p.s. in a way it was a little humble tribute to all those lives who made a beautiful and life-giving impact on us, who are not physically among us anymore, yet their light still shines bright…


  4. Your words convey their meaning with such clarity and precision. I imagine your higher self whispering to you through the ether. “Here Hanne, write this down…!” So beautiful.


    • Michele, thank you much for your ever poetic way of seeing things, your clear sight (!) and encouraging words. Because, yes, it’s exactly what it felt like, the words just poured in while I was sitting outside… I was so ahppy about it, since it’s been a while and every time I’m wondering if it will ever come back to me… because I can’t force it ( I tried, believe me, doesn’t work that way for me, I suppose every artist has their unique way of creating. I have to be still listen and patiently wait…)

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      • Hanne, what I find so beautiful about your work is the way in which the invisible braids of your energy just hang in the air — and float along, and occasionally I catch hold of your thread. This was one of those infinite moments. Thank you my dear friend!

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        • I’m truly humbled and honored by your words Michele! They help me to understand my work! (and I always have at least one braid in my hair! lol I call it my ‘signature’. How strange and then again, when it’s you, perhaps not so strange after all, that you should use that word!)

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