Silhouette (I)

Silhouette (II)


A solitary silhouette
Completing a moments composition
Evening sky and quiet land
A golden intermission
The rush to get to nowhere
Quelled for a timeless while
Nothing to withstand
At least for a sunset mile
Embracing the mystery
And simply Be
Letting go
To truly see


Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

14 Replies to “Silhouette (I)”

  1. Beautiful combination of words and atmospheric image 🙂


    • Seonaid, thank you much! It’s been a long time coming, good to be back, somewhat at least 🙂
      It’s an old photo, posted the one in colors before, it was a stunning sunset! Chose this time though to do something different with it, not to repeat myself too much 🙂
      Will visit your blog soon, saw you posted some stunning photos but had no time to pay it proper attention and read your words along with it, so decided to go back at another moment.


  2. Fine post, Hanne. See you!


  3. F.G.M. says:

    as an allegory of loneliness… a very powerful picture in my opinion, that expresses the fragility of the human condition. In a word, beautiful… merci 🙂


    • It is and it isn’t…
      Solitude for me is a very beautiful and powerful place to be, a conscious choice, where you might experience to become that which you already are; one with everything, hence the words ‘completing a moments composition’, like a perfect piece of music or the last brushstroke on a painting, the solitary figure making it complete… not lonely, the opposite; at one with it all.
      And then at the same time, as you so rightly say, the fragility of human condition, the loneliness created when we only see separation, rushing through our lives to get to who knows where and not seeing we are already ‘there’, having opinions about this and that instead of curiously embracing what we don’t understand, thereby forgetting the bigger picture. This is indeed a human condition. Where in fact, is there really such a thing as separation? Aren’t our natural state that of being to be one with it all, a part of it as the photo suggests… ?
      Wow, that was a long comment on a comment, I deeply appreciate you called these reflections that was behind my photo and poem to the forefront. Thank you, Frédéric!

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      • F.G.M. says:

        I agree with you, for example mystics need loneliness… and as you say, they don’t “see separation””, on the contrary, they see continuity, togetherness… and harmony. So, let’s try to have a mystical point of view on our condition, and we”ll realize we are not alone! there are always so many reflections “behind your photos” Hanne, because they are spiritually very profound – no, I mean, not your photos, but your LOOK, your way of seeing things and places, in other words, your soul… really a great work of a great photographer 🙂


        • I hardly never take a photo unless I really sense it first and always, when I’m wandering in solitude. I might appear to be alone, yet never lonely in that space. The same happens when I look into words, I walk back into the photo and into tranquil solitude and hopefully can then bring ‘back’ some words with me… I am deeply grateful if some of it is reflected outwards and reach the viewer.
          So, thank you again Frédéric to confirm this for me!
          A mystical point of view on human condition might be, there is no such thing 🙂


  4. Elina says:

    This is so beautiful Hanne, and I also love what you’ve written! 🙂

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  5. elmediat says:


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