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Silhouette (I)

  A solitary silhouette Completing a moments composition Evening sky and quiet land A golden intermission The rush to get to nowhere Quelled for a timeless while Nothing to withstand At least for a sunset mile Embracing the mystery And simply Be Letting go To truly see ~ Weekly Photo


  Sometimes rivers flow Sometimes we need to let go Sometimes the fastest way Is to go slow ~   Poem inspired by Danish singer songwriter Tina Dico’s song “Count to Ten” and her lyrics: Sometimes the fastest way to get there is to go slow Sometimes if you wanna


Life’s Simplicity

  Desert tree Life’s simplicity It doesn’t ask; “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” It is simply there ~

A Paradox

  When the lines get blurred We end up getting hurt Mountains fade Walking in an old shade Growing toxicity Loosing touch with simplicity Small things Become big things Slow to understand Allowing an old seed to be in command Not hearing the whisper of the inner voice The one



Inside I

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Summer Simplicity

The World Through Your Eyes (III)

  Dreaming the desert wandering into the mystery of life through the magic of existence following an unknown winding path today less traveled   In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge

The World Through Your Eyes (II)

  Light and water know there is a way through the many-colored layers of day we can follow suit or make a choice to simply stay…   In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge

Do We Know?

  Reflecting upon the world I wonder do we really know what is up and what is down? Looking out on the world busy being busy Does it hurt to be still and to look with innocence once again?

Shadow on a Spin

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape (I)

Cloud Reflections From Above

Quiet Mountain Reflection

and then came the duck…

Quiet Morning Reflections

Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day In My Life (II)

Her Ladyship; a fierce and beautiful daily inspiration… WHAT are you talking about??! Just be yourself!

Burren Mountain

Walking along This stonewalls quiet song Echoing the mystery Of life’s simplicity

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