The World Through Your Eyes (III)

Looking into the road less traveled


the desert
the mystery
of life
the magic
of existence
an unknown
winding path
less traveled


In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge

25 Replies to “The World Through Your Eyes (III)”

  1. Great picture – the turned face is pointing in the direction of the path…. lovely poem to go with the image.


  2. Teresa says:

    Nice photo. I’m always drawn to black and white photography.


  3. Hanne, wow, I love this photograph. This image takes me on a cloudless journey into infinity. Thank you always for your incredible work. Peace and blessings, Michele


    • Michele, as always such beautiful comments from you, thank you so much! It was a very beautiful morning in the desert of Israel hiking on South. Spent almost 2 months hiking all the way to Eilat. Photo-credit to my left arm πŸ˜‰


  4. LOL!!!

    I’m not going to approve that comment”! (sheit, I just did)


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