A Paradox

Connemara - Mayo


When the lines get blurred
We end up getting hurt
Mountains fade
Walking in an old shade
Growing toxicity
Loosing touch with simplicity
Small things
Become big things
Slow to understand
Allowing an old seed to be in command
Not hearing the whisper of the inner voice
The one that knows; there is a choice
Words to be spoken
Transforming that which is broken

It is not a silly game
Truly, there is no one to blame
It runs much deeper than the cause
Captured once again in relentless, too familiar jaws
It’s time to break the chain
Again and again and again
Cracking the code
Searching for the node
The point in between
Hidden, unseen
Bringing back the colors of life
Nothing more to hide
Fierce and deeply caring honesty
Impeccable prodigy

An infinite moment of introspection
Reality, nothing but our perception
Detecting an old inner pain
Freeing it; becoming the wind in a wild horse’s mane
Timeless nothingness slowly lifting a heavy cloud
A pure and utter emptying out
Leaving a tranquil space for the new
In my eyes, fresh morning dew
Always learning
The driving force, a deep inner yearning
For all to Be. Free
The unfathomably beauty of life to see
This much I humbly trust
We are nothing and everything; a paradox!


8 Replies to “A Paradox”

  1. Beautiful work today Hanne, loving your vibe, woman! ❤


    • Holly, mighty woman! :)Thank you much, it was an interesting piece to write, haven’t done many like this before, however it felt right this time. Your comment is appreciated.


  2. Your words matters, thank you!


  3. anumshafique says:

    The photograph is a masterpiece in itself and the poem another one. It’s like enjoying two masterpieces simultaneously. Exquisite! 🙂


  4. F.G.M. says:

    I regret it’s impossible to clic ten x on “like” & get ten likes for you :-))


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