Tag: Connemara

Dark Dusk

  Dark dusk On the cusp Life’s way ~

Life is a Poem

  Life is a poem Between the lines Behind the words In the space Between spaces Mystery roams Forever… ~

Cape of Colors

A Paradox

  When the lines get blurred We end up getting hurt Mountains fade Walking in an old shade Growing toxicity Loosing touch with simplicity Small things Become big things Slow to understand Allowing an old seed to be in command Not hearing the whisper of the inner voice The one

Threshold I

  Snow-capped mountains Walking on the edge On both sides the abyss Watching my steaming breath Touching the snow With bare sensitive hands Listening to my heart And it’s fiery demands Cool mountain breeze Caressing my naked soul Soaring towards limitless skies On a threshold; dreams exposed ~ WPC –

Conmhaícne Mara

  Mountain strength Ancient tongue People of the sea To this county belong Tranquil Fjord Yet shadows dwell Descendants of the hound son Lived through famine from hell Weaving through the cycle of life Clear streams forever flow Gentle and prudent hands Planting new seeds to grow ~

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