Conmhaícne Mara

Connemara B&W


Mountain strength
Ancient tongue
People of the sea
To this county belong

Tranquil Fjord
Yet shadows dwell
Descendants of the hound son
Lived through famine from hell

Weaving through the cycle of life
Clear streams forever flow
Gentle and prudent hands
Planting new seeds to grow


8 Replies to “Conmhaícne Mara”

  1. wildsherkin says:

    This is absolutely beautiful. I can hear the echoes of the past in your use of words. This stoic hill endures and watches.


  2. paranoiasnfm says:

    AWesome! 😮


  3. I love the marriage of your captured vista, and the wonderful weaving you have wrought with your words. Wow…lots of W’s for me today… LOL. Is it narcissistic to crack yourself up? Goddess I am weird!

    Soo enchanting, Dear One. *Pushes Love Button*. ❤


    • The photo called out the weave of words, as they tend to do. I think there would be very few words from me without my photography. It’s a great partnership.. Pushing love buttons isn’t too bad, I reckon. lol!
      Then I’m guilty of that too. Happens all the time 😀


      • Your strength lies in your wonderful perspective-and with that perspective and the lens of your camera, you capture something someone else might miss; adding to it with the lovely addition of your poetic inspiration.

        Similar to the sentiments in my Snowflake poem, I think you have such a unique, magical eye and it shows in every image you post.

        I’m glad to hear I am not alone! 😀


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