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Quiet Solitude

  Quiet solitude Boundless existence A timeless interlude Whispers of the moon The roar of stillness Deserts unnameable tune The return of a soul At home in the unknown Burning stories of old Walking through infinity The mystery deepens Life’s virginity ~ To you, Hanan. For your world of dreaming

Life’s Simplicity

  Desert tree Life’s simplicity It doesn’t ask; “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” It is simply there ~

What is Reality?

  Descending, feet in flames Yet, my spirit is soaring high At one with the desert And the clear blue sky Transcending Aching physicality Wondering; how bizarre – What in truth is reality? ~

On Top of Change

Little do I know I am soon no more to roam Change is at hand So very close To where I stand An emerald land where myths are alive Where even a wandering soul Can live and thrive Little do I know I am to call it home Or perhaps,

Dark Dusk

  Dark dusk On the cusp Life’s way ~

Life is a Poem

  Life is a poem Between the lines Behind the words In the space Between spaces Mystery roams Forever… ~

A Paradox

  When the lines get blurred We end up getting hurt Mountains fade Walking in an old shade Growing toxicity Loosing touch with simplicity Small things Become big things Slow to understand Allowing an old seed to be in command Not hearing the whisper of the inner voice The one

Conmhaícne Mara

  Mountain strength Ancient tongue People of the sea To this county belong Tranquil Fjord Yet shadows dwell Descendants of the hound son Lived through famine from hell Weaving through the cycle of life Clear streams forever flow Gentle and prudent hands Planting new seeds to grow ~


  Reflections Life’s quiet projections A change in the wind Creating ripples within Momentarily Blurring the perception Of all things connection Versatile temperaments The force of the elements Running deep in us all Listen to the call Remembrance We are nature too If only we knew ~

Reflections on Perspective

Looking deep Into a boundless lake Of existence Of being Of life’s ache What do you see? Perspectives spinning What stories within Are winning? Is the sky blue Behind and underneath the clouds? Is the world turned upside down? Does it make you believe You are about to drown? Or

Running Free

  Running Free Living Life’s symphony ~

Death Dance

  The unconscious in a constant fight resisting the brightness of infinite light where no shadows can ever hide A death dance of a trembling ‘I’ transcendence freedoms cry silencing our quest our “who am I?” Standing naked in an unknown hall golden pillar rising tall reaching up angels call

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