No. 317

The incredibly talented CpSingleton did it again! Weaving words of dreams and magic into a photo of mine and thereby lifting it beyond calling the viewer to dwell in the blue of the mountain… Thank you!

Author, C A Middleton

photo credit:
I have just been sent this amazing photograph by the incomparable Hanne. T. Fisker and dearly hope I have done it justice. I may go to sleep, awake with new eyes and start again. But for now…

Magic Blue. By CpSingleton © 2014

Over the mountains deep and blue,
To our kingdom in the sky.
Hand in hand, just me and you.
Or is it you and I?

Up within the clouds that rest
Like a crown upon the peak,
We will sit astride the mountain crest and
Find the answers that we seek.

The gods inside their crystal ship
Shall rain blessings to our hearts.
There we’ll stay on mountain tip
Until ship of gods departs.

Then, with a last great thankful bow,
We’ll set up sturdy camp.
We’ll sit ’til dawn and talk of now
Underneath a magick lamp.

Every year we’ll do this.

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