Desert Dome

Desert Dome


Desert dome
Although foreign to me
In these desert landscapes
I am mysteriously at home


6 Replies to “Desert Dome”

  1. I really like this piece, love how you end it 🙂


    • Thank you much! It was a unique experience to be in the desert. Not until now, 2 years later does words begin to find their way… I’m truly happy it reached you 🙂


  2. Beautiful. I spent most of life in one desert or another, and now live in a very woodsy place. I miss the desert, and your photograph and poem touched me deeply.


    • Laura, thank you for your sincere words, I’m grateful that it touched you.
      It’s interesting how certain places finds a place within us and lives on inside. I would think you carry the desert with you where ever you go, even in a woodsy (lol!) places. I sensed the desert wind once again on a rainy day in Ireland, how peculiar is that?!! 🙂


  3. F.G.M. says:

    Amazing – I love the last line, and I share the feeling you express: “I am mysteriously at home, In french:” et, mystĂ©rieusement, je m’y sens chez moi”. It’s BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for sharing! Kind regard, FGM


    • FGM, I must thank you for your tremendously kind and warm words.
      It was amazing to be in the desert. I spent 2 months hiking through it from North to South. I never thought I would be able to find the words for it, so your comment matters. Thank you so much!


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